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How Modern Copiers Provide Repair Assistance

When you request copier repair in Las Vegas, chances are that your copier technician is receiving more assistance from the machine itself than you might suspect. Modern business machines are quite sophisticated, and there are numerous ways that the big manufacturers are using these sophisticated features to build machines that cost less over the long-term.

Preventive Maintenance

High-end multifunction machines for the business workplace have an array of sensors. These sensors collect information that the machine analyzes. The ability to analyze is becoming more sophisticated with each iteration. These machines can detect minor changes in performance that if corrected now can stave off the need for a bigger repair down the line. This also helps provide preventive maintenance as needed rather than on a set and perhaps suboptimal schedule.

Push Notifications and Alerts

What good is such advanced analysis if the machine has no way to communicate it? This where push notifications and alerts come in. An alert can be a simple as a text message that you’re running low on paper, or it can be incorporated into a more complex service order system. If you’re a managed print services client, push notifications can be sent directly to the service provider so that it can schedule maintenance with as little involvement from you as necessary.

Usage Patterns

These printers can also use this technology to monitor your usage patterns and make recommendations. Suggestions about the paper you buy and the toner you use can result in significant savings. There may even be add-on components that you’re not using but could save you money or increase performance or the feature set of the machine in some manner.

Faster and More Efficient Repairs

Technicians are also able to interface with these capabilities both on-site and remotely. In many cases, technicians know precisely what tasks they have to perform and what parts are required before they ever leave their field offices. That saves the trouble of identifying the needed part, leaving to go get and so forth. After the repair has been made, the machine can run self-diagnostics again in order to confirm to the technician that performance is once again within acceptable thresholds.