5 Copier Repair Issues You Shouldn’t Tackle Yourself

A copy machine is still a very much appreciated and often used piece of office equipment, albeit one that can have a relatively short lifespan if used heavily. The good news is that with proper maintenance and upkeep, a copy machine can be a smart, fairly long-term investment. When a problem does occur, however, it’s tempting to take care of it yourself in an attempt to save time and money. But there are some copier repair issues best left to the pros, especially if your goal is to keep your copier on the job for as long as possible. Below, we discuss five types of copy machine repairs you really shouldn’t do yourself.

1. Paper Jams Serious Enough to Warrant Copier Repair

It’s not unusual for a copier to jam. In fact, this can easily be considered one of the most common copier repair issues. Improperly sized paper and improper loading are two of the common culprits with paper jams. However, if you’re dealing with recurring jams that are more than just occasional annoyances, it’s best to opt for professional copy machine repair in Las Vegas.

A trained technician can check both internal and external parts, or do additional diagnostic assessments to track down the reason for recurring paper jams. Furthermore, you may end up damaging your copier if you have to keep pulling out jammed paper, so it’s better for your bottom line to have the problem properly diagnosed and resolved.

2. Lack of Power to the Copier, or Failure to Operate

Yes, this is sometimes an issue that’s only the result of a plug that was accidentally knocked out of the wall socket. But if you’ve already eliminated that possibility, it’s best to contact a trained Las Vegas technician to find out what’s going on. Plus, it can be dangerous to check things out for yourself since faulty power cords and connections are common reasons why a copier is not turning on. With a copier that’s not turning on, it’s much safer to have a professional:

  • Safely test your copier’s power source to make sure that’s not the problem
  • Check internal connections
  • Perform advanced testing if your copier has an AC adapter
  • Test and, if necessary, replace damaged or faulty cables or plugs

A similar problem you shouldn’t tackle yourself involves a copier that turns on but still won’t operate at all. There are also many reasons why this may be the case. A copier repair professional can quickly and safely take the guesswork out of figuring out an issue of this nature.

3. Odd Noises During Operation

A copier that’s working correctly should only make minimal noise during operation. If you’re hearing odd noise as your copier operates, however, err on the side of caution and contact an experienced technician. While it’s possible for this problem to be resolved with a fairly simple fix like fixing or replacing the toner cartridge, this isn’t always the case. An expert in copy machine repair in Las Vegas knows how to run through various troubleshooting techniques to find out for sure what’s going on.

4. Poor Quality Copies

If you’re still getting poor quality copies even after adjusting the settings and checking the toner, call a copier repair specialist to end your frustration. A trained office machine technician usually has a good idea of what to check and how to quickly resolve copy quality issues. They can also take care of things like replacing any worn or damaged parts that may be affecting copy quality. Also, if you have a more advanced copier, an experienced Las Vegas technician can make the necessary adjustments while also showing you what to do to get the settings properly adjusted. This can come in handy if you have other issues with your copy machine’s settings in the future.

5. Clogs and Leaks Need Copier Repair Fast

It’s not too often that a copier is “leaking” or “clogged,” but such issues can still occur. Leaks in a copier are typically from a toner cartridge that had a poor seal or some other design flaw, or one that wasn’t the right one for your copier. The reason to not try to fix this problem yourself is that the leaking fluid may have damaged some of your copy machine’s internal parts. An experienced technician can determine if this may be the case and recommend new ink or toner cartridges that are of better quality. Clogs can affect the parts that need to move to copies to the tray where you pick them up. Printer heads may become clogged as well. A trained technician knows how to check for all possibilities so the problem can be thoroughly detected and resolved.

It can also be helpful to rely on professional repair if you have a multi-functional copier or printer that has various components and connections. Also, today’s copiers are typically more complex internally than what was commonly used in offices even a decade or so ago, making professional repair even more beneficial. Lastly, attempting to handle copy machine repair in Las Vegas yourself could invalidate any warranties that may still be in effect on your machine.