Accreditation Latest Trend in Managed Print Services

The managed print services Las Vegas companies depend on have never been certified in an official capacity, but that’s about to change. Xerox recently launched its accreditation program, and major companies like HP and Canon have announced that they have similar certification programs in the works. Accreditation in the business world isn’t uncommon. Software providers like Microsoft and Oracle have been doing it for decades in order to ensure that their clients get a high level of service that reflects well on their products.

The Industry Will Become More Standardized

The MPS industry isn’t very standardized yet. It’s certainly moving in that direction, and this will help usher it along. Currently, standards tend to be location-dependent. Your expectations and costs are likely similar to other Las Vegas businesses but different from organizations in New York and Los Angeles. This will help companies with presences in multiple areas as well as raise standards in areas that have lagged behind, such as rural communities, where competition isn’t as high.

Technician Aptitude Will Increase

Most copier technicians are very good at what they do, but they’re only going to get better. It’s worth mentioning that companies like Xerox haven’t been without influence into the curriculums that train these people. Nevertheless, a company like Epson or Dell will now be able to ensure that technicians have skills particular to their business machines, and if a new major feature launches within a line, they can ensure that technicians are familiar with it and able to explain it to clients.

Costs Will Go Down

MPS providers will have to cover the cost of accreditation, but the cost will be relatively low on a per-technician basis annually. Furthermore, MPS is cost effective due to distributed overhead, and the distribution of this cost will mean next to nothing even for small businesses.

Competition Will Grow

Many small to midsize IT firms don’t currently offer managed print services because there hasn’t been an easy entry point into the market. Now there will be, and companies like Xerox will provide a path for IT companies to train their employees and prepare them to serve their clients in this area.