Three Ways to Market Your Business By Mailing Custom Postcards

While a lot of businesses have converted their marketing budgets to mostly digital marketing strategies, managed print services in Las Vegas should still be a part of a successful marketing campaign. Snail mail and print ads can reach a segment of the population important to your business. Consider these three ways in which printed postcards could increase your brand awareness, visibility, name recognition, customer loyalty and sales.

Social Greetings

Sending postcards to your customers as a type of social greeting could yield a big boost in loyalty, customer confidence and sales. One way to do this is to send a “happy birthday” postcard with a coupon offer for the month of the customer’s birthday. You could also send New Year or other seasonal greetings with coupons or special offers when the postcard is used.


It is easy for a busy person to lose track of when they need to have a certain type of service performed. For example, eye doctors could benefit from sending postcards reminding patients to schedule their annual eye exam. Gutter cleaning companies could send spring reminders about cleaning out gutters in order to avoid house problems during summertime thunderstorms. Mechanics could send reminders about oil changes, tire rotation and other routine car maintenance services.

Special Events

Many businesses have a special event. Sending out a postcard to remind customers of the event is a good way to capture their attention. For example, some businesses host a summertime barbecue. Others may host an annual trade-in of old items for a discount on new items. Other common special events that a business might hold include a shredding day, hazardous waste recycling, open house, warehouse sale or sidewalk sale. Sending a postcard to the base of customers helps them be aware of the upcoming event.