How Does The Printer Reset Process Work?

Printer services Las Vegas for the office are helpful when your printer is broken beyond repair. You can get basic printer repairs or order printer parts. However, you might need to know how to troubleshoot your printer when on the phone with a professional. Use the simple list below to learn how to reset your printer. In a lot of cases, the printer reset process will help you get back to work.

When to Use the Printer Reset Process

You should reset your printer any time it does not work the way that it should. Computer professionals will often tell you that powering off your device helps. Turn off the printer, unplug the power cable, count to 10, and plug the printer back in. You can unplug the cable from your computer, and you should wait to plug that cable in last. Turn the printer back on, and wait for the printer to print the job you just sent.

How Do You Test the Printer?

If there are no print jobs or you deleted them, you can test the printer. Go into the settings for the printer, choose the option to print a test page, and wait for the printer to print. If the test page prints properly, you can get back to work.

When Should You Call a Professional?

The printer reset process cannot solve all your problems. Call a professional for repairs when you believe the printer reset is not working. You can tell your technician that you reset the printer, and the technician can check the printer for themselves. Also, you can order printer parts if your technician finds a problem, and they can deliver the parts to your office. You can call the technician back for installation, or you can install the parts on your own. You can even reset the printer again to prove the repairs worked.