Hitting Sustainability Goals Through Gamification

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the managed print services Las Vegas businesses have available to them is efficiency. Companies of all sizes can boost productivity while streamlining and accurately forecasting operational costs. There can be a disconnect between the MPS approach and the people who use the system, and gamification is one solution proving to be highly effective for many MPS providers and consumers.

Provide Awareness

The greatest step that many employers can take is involving employees, vendors and other users in the process. If employees don’t know what your print budget is or why what they’re doing isn’t sustainable, then you make the path to change more arduous. Even sending out a monthly memo with weekly updates providing employees a concept of the challenges you face is better than unawareness.

Define Goals and Recognize Achievements

Know what your goals are for each month. Be aware of them in advance, and involve users in that process. Their feedback can be invaluable, and involving them makes them feel more invested in what’s transpiring. Break goals down on an individual basis. If your goal is to reduce costs by $100 this month and you have 10 users, then each person can work toward the individual $10 objective. People who achieve their goals should be recognized, and there should be special achievements for those who excel.

Give Real-Time Feedback

The best kind of awareness is immediate awareness. Companies like Xerox have recognized this and introduced real-time reporting on an individual basis. An employee who has a goal to stay within a $50 print budget this week can receive immediate feedback about how much a particular job costs, how much of the budget was consumed, how much remains and so forth.

Employ Desktop and Mobile Tools

The game angle isn’t just about structured goals but having fun too. Even a small amount of enjoyment can help relieve the stress that can come with goals like these. Awareness tools can be available from desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones and other devices. They cannot only provide the real-time feedback mentioned but help users plan to meet their goals. This platform also provides more opportunities for contest activities, such as leader boards, trophies and so forth.