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Say Goodbye to Copier Streaks

Streaking is among the most common reasons copier repairs in Las Vegas are requested by local offices. Streaks, smudges, and similar artifacts can ruin documents and become an expensive problem when the issue arises in a sizable project. Fortunately, the problem is usually easy to avoid. And with that in mind, we’ll consider four top causes.

Gunky Mechanisms

The most common causes of streaks and smudges in printers and copiers is gunk. These office machines have moving parts and so are oiled. As that oil breaks down, it thickens. It also collects dust and other particles that make it even thicker. On the corona wire, even simple dust buildup can lead to streaking. Such buildup will happen no matter how clean your office is, and having your business machines professionally cleaned at least once a quarter can ensure that this problem never happens again.

Toner Issues

Toner cartridges themselves can get dirty over time and lead to streaking. This is prevalent on low-usage machines, where cartridges last a long time. When you have your copier professionally cleaned, this is something the technician can check as well. Other potential issues include cartridges that are low on toner or leaking or have leaked at some point. Many modern machines have alerts for such issues, but a manual inspection eliminates any doubt.

Paper Problems

Streaking is just as often a paper problem as it is a printer problem. If the wrong paper is used, or it’s feeding incorrectly for some reason, this can lead to streaking. Another potential issue is damaged paper. If paper became moist and then dries, it may have subtle warping that’s causing it to move through the machine unevenly.

Hardware Issues

If the problem is a hardware issue, then the problem likely has to do with the drum. A faulty drum won’t transfer clean images and can cause streaks. It may just need an adjustment or part replacement, but if it isn’t charging well or at all, the entire component may need replacing. Note that quarterly maintenance should identify any drum problems before they lead to streaking.