When to Invest in a New Copier for the Office

The average office has just one copy machine that dozens of employees or more use every day. Routine maintenance can extend the life of one of these machines, but you need to know which signs indicate you should get rid of your old copier and invest in a new one.

If It Stops Responding

Newer copiers come with a feature that works over wireless Internet. You can click the print button on your computer and send a document to the copier. These machines act as both copiers and printers. A clear sign that you need a new machine is when it stops responding to your directions. The copier may place all documents in a queue but never print anything. It may even stop working when you press buttons on the machine itself.

If It Constantly Breaks Down

Scheduling regular copy machine service from a local company is the best way to keep your machine running for years. Even with regular maintenance though, there is a risk that the machine may break down or stop working more often than you would like. Your employees may deal with paper that gets trapped inside the rollers, ink cartridges that run out of ink faster than they should or error messages flashing on the front of the machine.

How to Save On a New Copier

When you decide that you need a new copier, you shouldn’t freak out over the cost. You can sit down with an expert to talk about what you need and find a copy machine that works with your budget. Many sellers offer payment plans that let you pay off the cost of the copier with smaller payments over the next few years. Copy machine companies can help you buy and maintain a new office copier.