Every office should strive to be environmentally conscious, but that is easier said than done. By implementing a few simple steps, however, any office can curb their unnecessary paper usage.

Tips for Reducing Your Consumption of Office Paper

Whether you manage an office or merely work in one, you’ve probably noticed how much paper gets used. From printing office memos to copying important records, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. To help the environment, it’s important to cut down on paper usage and recycle when possible. Here are a few tips that can help your office reduce its paper usage.

Reuse Paper When Possible

If you’re sending an office memo, taking notes, or writing a draft, you may not need a fresh piece of paper. Use the backside of an already used piece of paper, and remember to recycle it when you are finished. This limits the amount of paper used, and it’s a habit that forces employees to think about their paper consumption.

Adjust and Modify

The more information you fit on one page, the fewer sheets of paper you’ll have to use. That doesn’t mean you have to adjust the font until it’s too small to read. But try adjusting the margins and spacing so that your documents waste less paper. When using the copy machine, consider using the reduce size function so that two pages of a report fit onto one page.

Use a Managed Printing Service

If you want an easy solution to your paper needs, consider employing managed print services in Las Vegas. By using a specific service to handle all of your office supply requirements, all of your copiers, printers, and fax machines will stay in top shape. There’s nothing that wastes as much paper as a faulty machine, so keeping your office machines in good working order is beneficial for your business and for the environment. Managed print services can track your devices and provide supplies and repair services when needed. If you stop struggling with ineffective machines, you’ll stop wasting time, money, and paper.