Copy machines can be among the most frustrating parts of working in an office. This article will tell you the three most common copy machine issues and how you can avoid them.

3 Common Copy Machine Issues

Although copiers seem to have a simple function, they can cause endless frustration for office workers. From paper jams to streaks on the paper, it’s no wonder that copy machine issues have been satirized on television shows and movies like “The Office” or “Office Space.” This article will highlight the three most common copier problems and what can be done to avoid them.

Lines on Printer Paper

Streaks on paper that comes from the copier can come from dirt and dust on the scanner mirrors, a malfunctioning developer or drum unit, a malfunctioning drum blade, or problems with the fusers.

Get rid of dirt and grime on the scanner mirrors by cleaning them. Make sure you follow the directions set by the copier manufacturer. The other issues would involve replacing the fusers, drum blade, drum or developer unit. This can be done by contacting a copy machine repair service.

Cartridges and Toners

Issues can occur if your printing toner is empty, low or damaged. Empty and low toner cartridges can be remedied with a simple replacement. If it isn’t working, one of two problems could be occurring. The first potential issue could be an error on the part of the manufacturer. The second issue that might cause problems is an incompatible cartridge. Most printers require you to use a certain toner. Using a different type could result in inferior printing quality. If you find that you put an incompatible toner cartridge in your printer, local printing services in Las Vegas can help you with cartridge recycling.

Spots on the Printer Pages

When spots ruin an otherwise perfect copy, it is most likely due to dirt on the scanner mirrors. Cleaning them can correct the situation. However, if the spots occur on random places on the page, it may be a problem with the drum. Changing the drums is the proper solution to this issue.

While minor issues can be handled by the office manager, you should leave more difficult repairs to the professionals. A local company not only addresses the printer issue quickly, but they can also tell you how to avoid the problem in the future.