How to Know If the Toner Cartridge Springs a Leak

Copy machines are some of the most dependable and heavily used pieces of equipment in an office. They make use of consumable toners that contain a black powder or multiple colors of powder that are used to do the printing. If you suspect that the toner is leaking, it is important to call for prompt copy machine service to lessen the risk of damage to the machine and remove the leaking toner.

Blobs of Black on the Paper

When a toner cartridge has sprung a leak, you might notice black ink blobs on the printed sheets of paper. In some cases, the leak will affect the entire surface of the drum. This could result in black streaks on the paper. The print quality could go down, with problems such as blurry letters or double printing. Rarely, the pages of paper could become saturated with the toner.

Copy Machine Giving an Error Code

In some cases, a copy machine that has a leaky toner will display an error code. If you have a guide for the error codes or the machine’s operation, you might be able to find out what part of the machine is having trouble. Whenever a copy machine has an error code that is not for a jamming of paper, it is important to arrange for a technician to diagnose and repair the equipment.

Copy Machine Indicating a Paper Jam

Sometimes, a paper jam error code could indicate a problem with the toner cartridge. A piece of paper could be caught around the drum in the area of the leak. This is because the leaking toner is sticky and could adhere to the paper, making the paper unable to complete the full rotation around the drum.