Learn how to create a picture-perfect copy each time.

How to Make Better Photocopies

Making a copy of a document is relatively easy, but for some reason seems to be fraught with mistakes. If people would take the tie to learn how to optimize their use of copy machines, they could produce great quality photocopies each time without any of the problems. Here is how.

Prepare the Original Document to Be Copied

Rather than just shoving the document inside the machine, take the time to smooth out the edges. Look for smudges on the paper and clean them as best you can. Use strong, heavyweight paper rather than lower-quality paper whenever possible, and make sure to remove any staples you may find. If the document has holes punched in it, place another piece of paper behind the original to give the illusion of a whole document.

Clean the Copy Machine

Make sure to wipe down the glass before making copies. This will remove any stains and blemishes from the surface, as well as eliminating any dust that may get in the way of the copy. Make sure to do this properly, however, by unplugging the machine and using a soft cloth. A still-powered copier can produce static electricity that will pull fibers from the cloth onto the glass.

Ensure the Toner Levels Are Correct

While it may be tempting to rush through a copy job, taking the time to refill the toner ensures the resultant copies are clear and easy to read. Failing to do this can result in faded areas and low-quality copies. When making multiple color copies, ensure the ink levels are at their maximum. For larger print jobs, you may need to refill the machine during the course of the job.

By taking the time to learn the ins and outs of a copy machine, not only can you guarantee your own copies are higher quality, but you can contribute to the overall environment of your office. When other employees realize that you are the king of the copy machine, you will likely gain a few new friends who want their own documents to be of the same quality. If the use of the machine is outside your area of expertise, do not be afraid to consult a copy machine service.