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Tips for Getting the Perfect Photocopies

Oftentimes, when you make photocopies, you’ll notice things like your prints being off-center, text being too small, stray ink, or blurriness. With these tips, you can make your photocopies crisp, clear, and better than ever.

Preparing Your Original Documents

The first step to great photocopies is great originals. Make sure that your original documents are clear and clean. Be sure to remove things like staples or paperclips. Try and smooth out your documents as best as possible, and make sure to check that the corners of your paper are lined up with the corners of the copier’s glass.

Use Your Copier’s Settings

When you’re making copies, keep in mind that your machine has different settings for different document types and sizes. Make sure to select the correct paper size. Adjust your contrast to make your text more readable. Many machines also have setting for zooming, so you can ensure that your text and images fit on your paper.

Caring for your Machine

Cleaning your machine regularly is important to ensure you don’t end up with any stray marks on your copies. Consider investing in a copier vacuum to take care of stray ink or toner. Use compressed air to clean out dust and particles, and be sure to wipe down the glass screen with glass cleaner.

Copy Machine Repair and Maintenance

In order to keep your copy machine working properly, make sure to schedule regular maintenance. When your machine gives you problems, contact a professional for copy machine repair in Las Vegas.