man pairs a smart device with his printer

Networking a Printer to Your Smart Device

Today, convenience is the name of the game. This is why so many companies have improved their software to ensure that customers have more printing options at their disposal. However, if you have never used or rarely used the option, then it can be quite difficult. Therefore, the following includes detailed information regarding the process of networking a printed to your smart device.

Connect an Android Smart Device to Your Printer

When it comes to connecting Android devices, you are first going to need to download their Google Cloud Print app. Most of these come already installed within your device, but you can easily download it from their app store if it’s not. If the app wasn’t installed, then you need to search for your printer’s signal through settings and the Wi-Fi network. Once the signal of your particular printer is found, then you can simply connect to it, and you’re done. Note that it may not appear if you are having issues with your printer. In this case, you may need to contact a copy machine repair Las Vegas company to ensure that everything is up and running correctly.

iOS Printer Connectivity

One of the most common issues that people run into with iOS devices and printer connection is their compatibility. Using the AirPrint feature already on your phone, you are going to first need to get within the same Wi-Fi network as your printer. Once you’ve confirmed this, you can then choose “print” from any page you are on and choose the AirPrint-Enabled Printer option to begin your printing job. There you can also choose the type of dimensions you want as well as the number of copies.