Many copy machines in office settings offer multiple functions, including scanning, copying, printing, and faxing. If your copy machine gets a lot of junk faxes every day, you may be tired of using your business resources to receive and print such items. It’s important to know that your copy machine service technician could help reset your machine and stop those faxes.

What Is Junk Fax?

The Federal Communications Commission defines a junk fax as any unsolicited advertisement that gets sent to your fax or copy machine. If you have never done business with the company sending you the faxes and your company never gave them permission to advertise to you, then it is a junk fax. You can report these abuses to the Federal Communications Commission through their website.

How Junk Faxes Get Into Your Copy Machine

Many businesses and individuals send out large fax batches to advertise their products or services. Your company’s copy and fax machine might not have been a specific target for these ads. Some businesses or individuals simply buy lists of known fax numbers and send out hundreds or thousands of faxes in a day, hoping that at least one or two companies will “bite” on their offer.

What the Technician Can Do to Help

Your copier technician can reprogram the fax part of the copier in order to not accept faxes from unknown senders. The fax and copy center can also be programmed by the technician to not allow faxes from specific area codes. It is important to note that on occasion, this might block a fax that you do want. You can also have the technician block specific numbers that are sending you junk faxes.