Bring Down Your Printing Costs at Work

In terms of price to weight, printer ink is one of the most expensive products in the world today. Even if you rarely print at work, you might go through a few ink cartridges every month, which can really add up over the course of the year. Changing your printer settings and making other changes can help bring down your printing costs.

Work with a Manager

With managed print services Las Vegas, business owners can save money and keep an eye on their printing needs. These services digitally monitor your printer(s) over a wireless internet connection to keep an eye on how much you use. The company will send you an email when your cartridges run low, which lets you know when to order more supplies instead of waiting until the last minute. When you wait, you might pay more to get cartridges rushed to you.

Go for Black

A common reason office printers use so much ink is because of the colored ink cartridges inside. The printer will use those colors to make different shades on the printed page, and you’ll run out of colors long before running out of black ink. Changing your printer settings to use gray scale or only black ink can help. This tells the printer to only use black ink, even when printing pages with colored icons or images.

Talk to Your Employees

Talking with your employees is one of the best ways to save on printing costs. Let them know that they need approval to print personal documents or documents that do not pertain to the office. You can also request that they use both sides of a piece of paper to print files. This can cut down on the amount of paper that you waste at the office too. Using any of these methods can help you significantly reduce all your printing costs at work.