Per gallon, printer ink is even more expense than many fine wines and Champagne. Thankfully, there are some ways that you can get the most out of your printer and ink.

Saving Money on Printing Costs Made Easy

It is common for ink to run upward of $20 to $50 for cartridges. Most cartridges, even the high-efficiency ones, only yield between 400 and 1,000 printed pages. To make matters worse, it appears that the cost of ink continues to rise. From 2009 to 2012, it jumped 30 percent. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to cut down on your printing costs. Since you cannot really change the cost of ink, it all starts with the printer.

Picking the Right Font

While it may not sound like it would save a lot of ink, picking the right font is key to saving on ink costs. Studies have shown that thin fonts such as Century Gothic actually use less ink than Arial. For a company that prints at least 250 pages a week, this is a savings of $80 a year. In the grand scheme of things, this may not seem like a lot of money, but it is not that bad when you consider that all you have to do is switch your font.

Call a Professional

Some people like to think that they are technicians and that they can save money by fixing their printers themselves. Unfortunately, people who do this end up doing more harm than good. One study shows that the most common problem that occurs from people trying to fix their own printers is a reduction in print quality and a loss of ink. When looking for print services in Las Vegas, choose a company that can be your one-stop solution center and be on call for a monthly fee.

Use Two Printers

Having more than one printer is a great way to save money. Dedicate one printer to black and white prints and the other to color prints. For printing black and white, use a laser printer. While these are far from perfect, they do make great workhorses and are easier on ink consumption.