Printer Giving You Error Codes? Here’s What to Do

Error codes are your printer’s way of telling you what went wrong. Most printer error codes are easy to troubleshoot, and the rest can be solved by a printer repair service. Keep reading for solutions to the most common printer malfunctions.


Jammed Paper, Low Ink, and Other Common Printer Error Codes

One of the most common error codes is 13, or “Paper Jam.” Open the tray and re-align your stack of paper. If you see a jammed piece of paper, gently pull it out before you try again.

Error number 16 refers to low toner. Your cartridge might be out of ink. Try taking out the cartridge and shaking it around to jostle leftover ink back into place.

Error code 14 means that your printer doesn’t have an ink cartridge or doesn’t recognize the cartridge you’ve installed. Check to see if you’ve removed the security tape and installed the cartridge correctly.

Finally, errors 20, 21, 24, and 25 all refer to your printer’s memory capacity. You may have sent your printer a job that was too large, or you could have sent too many jobs at once. Clear out your printer’s memory and make the document smaller before you try again.


Turn It Off and On Again

A surprising number of printer malfunctions can be solved by simply rebooting the machine. Most models can be turned off by holding down the power button. If that doesn’t work, you can always unplug your printer, wait a few minutes, and plug it back in again.

This simple troubleshooting method should fix software-related issues. It can also solve one-time problems related to the cooling fans or internal motors.


When to Contact a Printer Repair Service

Although basic printer troubleshooting can solve most error codes, there are some problems that only a professional can fix. If you keep seeing the same error code over and over again, you should call a company that provides printer services in Las Vegas. Write down your printer error code before you call and follow their instructions to resolve the issue.