The copy machine in most offices is often responsible for handling print jobs, incoming and outgoing faxes and other electronic transmissions. Being able to troubleshoot your copy machine can help you to solve problems as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Having Your IT Department Troubleshoot the Copy Machine

Every office’s copy machine is heavily used on a day-to-day basis. From making copies of meeting agendas to printing large documents, the copy machine has a heavy workload. When the copier gives you an error message, you could consider having your IT department do some troubleshooting rather than immediately calling for a professional copy machine service to come and take a look. In many cases, the problem is electronic rather than with the copy machine itself.

Network Errors

Most copiers are programmed to be on your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network. If there is a problem with the network, then the copy machine will not get the information that it needs in order to do its job. This is especially true when the copier is being used for printing. Your IT department can check the network signals and make sure that the copier has network access.

Permissions Problems

Another common IT-related copy machine problem is when a particular workstation or device is unable to send print jobs to the copier. When the problematic device is located within your business, your IT department can take a look at the permissions levels. A password reset may have caused the copier to be removed from the connected devices. Newly purchased devices may need to be manually connected to each of the copy machines within your business.

Improper Cartridge

Many copy machines will only accept an original equipment manufacturer toner cartridge. These toner cartridges have a chip installed. The chip communicates to the machine that it is the correct type of toner. If your copy machine is giving an error related to the toner and you have just replaced the cartridge, it could be that the toner’s chip is not compatible with your copy machine.