Good Reasons to Recycle Empty Cartridges

When your toner or ink cartridges become empty, it may be tempting to simply throw it out and replace it with another cartridge. However, it may be just as easy to put it in a recycling bin or return it to an ink or toner vendor instead. Recycling cartridges could save millions of gallons of oil per year while also cutting down on other resources need to make a new cartridge.

Recycling Saves Money

When ink or toner manufacturers receive empty ink cartridges, they can simply refill it with ink and send it back to a retailer to be sold again. This saves money because there is no need to acquire oil and other raw materials needed to make a new cartridge. It also requires fewer labor hours and less energy to refill a cartridge compared to creating a new one from scratch. When items cost less to manufacture, they generally cost less for the end consumer to purchase.

Recycling Reduces Greenhouse Emissions

The process of extracting and transporting oil and other resources to a manufacturing plant produces greenhouse gasses. The process of making the cartridge itself may also result in the release of greenhouse gas. By recycling cartridges, there is no need to use heavy machinery, large transport trucks or large factories that can pollute the air.

Get Help With All Copy Machine Issues

Hiring a copy machine service may make it easier to keep your equipment working properly. This can help save money as your company will be running at peak efficiency. At the same time, a service company may be able to collect empty cartridges or otherwise help your company be as environmentally conscious as possible.