If you are considering purchasing a new printer for an office, your options will normally be ink-jet and laser printers. Here are the pros and cons of each type of printer.

Should You Buy an Ink-Jet or a Laser Printer?

Even if you have print services in Las Vegas to help keep your office printers running at peak performance, eventually the best printer will need to be replaced. When this occurs, it’s likely that you’ll be looking at a choice between a new ink-jet and a new laser printer.

Ink-Jet Printers Explained

Ink-jet printers work by spraying microscopic dots of ink through nozzles onto a page, and they can handle both color and black and white documents. They are fairly inexpensive, and low cost ink-jet printers run about the half of the price of low cost laser printers. However, ink-jet printers are slower than laser printers, don’t normally produce the same quality and are usually more expensive to maintain even if you’re only printing in black and white.

Laser Printers Explained

The print speed of laser printers is usually much higher than that of ink-jet printers. Laser printers work by using static electricity and heat to fuse powdered ink, called toner, onto a paper. There are color as well as black and white laser printers available, but color laser printers tend to be significantly more expensive. The advantages of a laser printer are that they are able to quickly produce high-quality documents, and the price per page is normally lower than the price per page produced by an ink-jet for both color and black and white documents.


The upfront cost of ink-jet printers is lower, but the overall cost is usually higher because of the difference in price between types of printer ink. If you need a printer to produce high-quality black and white prints quickly and cheaply, you may want to consider a laser printer. For a printer that can handle color and black and white, an ink-jet could be the better option.