Maintain a Smoothly Running Copy Machine With Timely Repair Services

Copy machines are essential for keeping hard copies of invoices, banking records, documents and many other things in a business. If your machine malfunctions, you need the fastest copy machine repair in Las Vegas has to offer. Here are some of the main symptoms that mean your machine needs professional attention.

Common Copy Machine Problems

To run a business properly, a copy machine is as important as a printer, if not more so. The reason is you will copy your printouts as well as documents from vendors and clients. When it starts breaking down, it can disrupt the smooth running of your office for a day or more. Some of the main problems are:

Regular paper jams – you may be able to remove the jammed paper once or even twice, but if it is a regular occurrence, your machine needs professional attention. It may not be set up correctly.

Malfunctioning toner cartridge – to solve this problem, you need to make sure you are using the right cartridge for your model of copier.

When You Need a Professional Copy Machine Repair Service

While you may be able to fix small problems on-the-spot, some problems require the attention of a professional copy machine repair person. These include:

Lines and streaks on the documents – there are several reasons for this, including problems with the fuser and debris on the scanner glass.

Worn out parts – wrinkled pages may mean the feed and exit rollers are worn out. It may mean other parts are worn out too and need to be replaced.

Density control – if your copies are too dark or too light, the density control needs to be adjusted.

Use the Machine Correctly

Copy machines are often used by multiple people in an office. You should make sure each one knows how to use the machine properly to avoid daily problems. A managed copier service program will help you steer clear of some of the above problems.