How to Print to OneNote

Do you want a quick way to jot down your notes without going through the hassle of opening a text editor or word processing app? If you use Microsoft Office 365, you could already have your solution on your laptop in the form of OneNote. This is a note-taking app from Microsoft that ships with Office 365 but is also available as a standalone download. So once you have notes written down, how do you print to OneNote?

Print to OneNote Without Preview

There are two options for printing in OneNote. One is to send your notebook page content straight to print without previewing it. Follow the steps below.

• Open Backstage view. Choose your page or a page group that you would like to print then click on the File tab. This will launch Backstage view. Click on Print on the menu on the left side of your screen.

• Open the Print dialog. In Backstage view, click on the Print button on your right to load the print dialog box. Select your printer, and set up any printer-specific changes by clicking the Preferences button. Click OK to close the Preferences section and return to the Print dialog box.

• Choose the pages or sections to print. The Print dialog has a Page Rage section where you could opt to print all pages or choose Selection to send only a selected part of the OneNote document to the print queue.

After making all your selections, you may click the Print button to complete printing your document to OneNote.

Preview Before Printing

Alternatively, you may preview your pages before printing them. To do this, go to the Backstage View as described in the section above and, in the Print section, select the Print Preview command. To go to Print Preview, follow the steps below.

• Click on the File tab within the ribbon, and pick the Print command.

• You may then click the button marked Print Preview to launch the Print Preview and Settings OneNote dialog box.

You will see a preview of the page in the Print Preview section on the right side of your screen. After confirming your settings, including printer, page range or selection, paper size, scale and footer, among others, click the Print button to send the notes to your desired printer.

Can’t See Your Printer in OneNote?

If you are unable to see your printer in OneNote, then you may have a hardware issue and need to contact a company that can provide a copy machine repair in Las Vegas. Professionals will help you install an improperly connected printer or fix any faulty hardware that may be the issue.