Ways to Create a Cohesive Workspace

There are many people who admit that they can’t cook in a dirty kitchen. Even if they’re absolutely exhausted, they have to clean the kitchen first and start from a clean, fresh palate. It’s about the full experience. The same concept is easy to apply in the workplace. If a place is unkempt, unsightly and depressing to look at, it’ll leave employees feeling less than inspired to work. To change that trajectory and increase workplace productivity, consider these tips for creating a cohesive workspace.


Implement systems for everything. The kitchen supplies in the break room should be fully stocked and accounted for. There should be an efficient system to manage the paper and recycling process. When everything is in disarray, it can take a toll on a person’s psyche. When an environment is clean, neat and organized, it’s a lot easier for an employee to focus their attention on the work and become productive.


As you work towards improving the organization of the daily operations, don’t forget to put an emphasis on efficiency. Work toward making physical plant improvements. Look at the office equipment and furniture. Get rid of the bulky file cabinet in the corner. Scan the documents into digital files and shred the hard copies. In many cases, when something breaks down and hasn’t been fixed, people learn to work around it. If you have a copier machine that’s been broken for months, hire a copy machine service to fix the broken machine. When a company runs efficiently, the people are intentional about trimming the fat.


There are times when terrible florescent lighting and drab cubicles are enough to drive an employee crazy. Consider hiring an interior designer to give the place a facelift. Start with simple tasks like painting the walls and opening the blinds. Adding natural light to the space can do wonders for a person’s morale and workplace productivity.

As you implement these tips, take note of the differences they make in the employees. Even though these are specific tips, understand that the process is an ever-evolving one. There are so many ways to create a space that inspires and invokes productivity in your workers. As you continue to work on being an excellent boss/manager, continue to make physical plant improvements that’ll enhance the workplace experience for years to come.