Like laptops, cell phones, and tablets, copiers hold a large amount of sensitive data. To ensure that this data stays secure, it’s important to utilize your copier’s security features, keep it running at peak performance, and dispose of it properly.

Tips to Ensure Your Copier Data Is Secure

If you’re in charge of business security for your office, you know how important it is to avoid a data breach. While computers are the office equipment most susceptible to security failures, copiers pose problems as well. Though you might not have thought about it, today’s copiers are connected to the network and may hold a great deal of sensitive information, from social security numbers to bank account information. Here are a few ways to keep your copier safe.

Do Your Research

Your copier probably has a number of security features. Become familiar with these features and understand how to use them. Your copier may have a disk override feature, or data encryption capabilities. These features can be used to keep your copier safe, even in the eventuality of theft. Also, make sure you know what data is being stored on the copier. Educate your co-workers about the risks associated with the copier, and make sure that there is minimal private data being stored on the copier.

Maintenance Is Key

To avoid a security breach, it’s important to keep your copiers in good working order. Consider hiring copier technicians to regularly service your machines. Seek out high-quality copier repair in Las Vegas to ensure that your copiers are always running at peak performance. This will prevent any technical mishaps that could result in security issues.

Disposal Methods

All copiers break eventually, even with proper care and maintenance. If you have a copier that’s reached the end of its lifespan, don’t get rid of it without securing the data. Check to see what your options are. Call the company to see if they’ll provide data disposal services, as many copier manufacturers do. There is also software that can help you wipe any sensitive data from the hard drive. Only dispose of the copier once you’re certain that the data has been secured.