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Tips on Phone Air Printing from Copier Repair Professionals

In today’s world, the use of paper is becoming less relevant. However, there are situations where you need to print something out, specifically from your smartphone. Both Android and iOS offer support for mobile printing directly. From your phone, you can send your documents to any printer as long as the printer is on the same network as the smartphone. When your printer or copier is broken, it is good to look to companies that offer copier repair.

The iPhone has a feature that you can click the share button on documents. With Android phones, you may have to download the Google Cloud Print app. For something more mobile, you can get a portable printer. Although they are expensive, it can be a good investment for those that travel for business. You can easily connect to your portable printer with your iPhone or Android phone.


When printing from an Android phone, you want to use the Google Cloud Print app. The Google Cloud Print app is usually preinstalled. If it isn’t preinstalled on your device, you can download it.

If you download the app manually, you have to add your printer that’s on the same Wi-Fi network. Go to Settings and look for Printing. Once you are there, you should be able to add your printer.

You then want to go to the app that you are going to print from. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and click on the Print option.

Third-Party Printer Apps for Android may not be Recommended by Copier Repair Professionals

The Google Cloud Print app is the best app to use for Android. With this app, you can print directly from any program you are using. You can print from your web browser or your email applications. This is great because you don’t have to open a different application to print. You can use this on both your Android phone and Android tablet.

Your printer may have its own application. You may decide to use that application for printing instead of the Google Cloud Print app. This could be because your printer works better with its own application in comparison to the Google Cloud Print app.

Keep in mind that your specific printer may work better using its own plugin or application. For example, HP’s printer app is a plugin you can download in the Google Play app store. Once it’s downloaded, you’ll be able to easily print.

Overall, when it comes to other third-party apps, it is not recommended to use them. They will not work as well as the Google Cloud Print app or your printer’s app and/or plugin.


If you have an Apple device, an iPhone or iPad, you can use AirPrint which is a feature built into the device. The good thing about it is you don’t have to download any other applications to print your documents.

AirPrint can be used with any printer that is AirPrint-enabled. You want to make sure that, if you have an Apple device, your printer has this technology. The printer also needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone or iPad.

To print your documents, you need to open the application you want to print from. Select the print option. You can find it under share. Once you select print, you want pick the AirPrint-Enabled Printer. You can also add another printer. On your device, you can choose how many copies you would like to print.

To avoid issues with AirPrint, you need to run the latest iOS on your device. You should also check to see if your app has any updates. If it does not have any, it should be able to work properly.


If you have a Windows 10 smartphone, you can print wirelessly. All you have to do is open Cortana. Once you are in Cortana, you want to type Printer. Once the printer appears, select the one you want to use. Your printer should be on the same Wi-Fi network as your phone. If it is, it should be easy for you to locate on your phone.

If you have a Windows 8 smartphone, you have to download the application Print Now. It is app less than $2. The app allows wireless printing through Google Cloud Print. Your device should be on the same Wi-Fi network as your printer.

You will have to connect your printer to Google Cloud Print. To do so, you have to open up Chrome and type “chrome://devices”. You can find your printer under New Devices. Select Manage. A Confirm Registration window will pop up. In the window, click Register.

In order to confirm that the printer is registered, go to and select Printers. You can use OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and your phone’s media library to send documents to the printer.

Portable Printers

If you are someone who travels a lot, it may be necessary to buy a portable printer. You can print from your portable printer in a similar way to a regular printer. You simply need to connect your portable printer in a similar fashion.

If you are using an iPhone, choose a portable printer that can be used with Apple devices. This is to ensure you have no issues with compatibility.

If you are going to use an Android smartphone, add the portable printer to the Google Cloud Printing app.

Regardless of what device you use, you want to make sure that the portable device you use is durable and of good quality.

Copier Repair Professionals Can Help If You Have Problems

With your smartphone, you can print just about anything. If you have an Android, iPhone, or Windows phone, it is possible for you to to do so provided the printer is on the same Wi-Fi network. You can even use a portable printer. If you have a small business, there are copy repair professionals that can help you with setup and also perform emergency repairs. When you contact the professionals, they can fix your printer and offer copier repair in Las Vegas.