How the Cloud Is Transforming Modern Print Services

The various print services in Las Vegas are more diverse and sophisticated than ever thanks in large part to cloud computing. If a provider is able to deliver a service off-site, then just about any office or other workplace has access to it because the overhead, equipment and other requirements are lowered to such a great degree.

Cloud-Based Diagnostics

Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in the ability for even low-end business machines to perform self-diagnostics. All these multifunction copiers need are the sensors to collect the pertinent information. That data can be transferred to the cloud in real-time where a single server or series of servers dedicated to the task analyze it and perform diagnostics. This cloud-based analysis eliminates the need for printers to have that hardware onboard.

Automated Maintenance and Repairs

Another way MPS providers are reducing costs and making the client experience more convenient is through automated scheduling, which is possible in large part because of the cloud. Traditionally, MPS technicians have schedule maintenance visits quarterly, which was often suboptimal. Either locally or through the cloud, many business machines can now detect performance outside acceptable parameters, which spurs the provider to schedule the maintenance then. This as-needed preventive maintenance can result in significant savings for both the client and the provider.

Non-Hardware-Supported Services

A big advantage to many small businesses is the option to access printing services that once required hardware support. Today, those hardware requirements can be off-loaded to the cloud. Your printer, for instance, may only be able to count the number of pages printed, but a cloud-based service can time-stamp those jobs and attach other relevant data. As that data collects, it can then be analyzed in the cloud to provide you useful information about usage patterns.

Server Push Notifications

Having smart business machines that communicate with us is a powerful tool. Not all office copiers support it, however. In those cases, it’s possible to provide these notifications via the cloud. It’s even possible to provide some messages when the appropriate sensor isn’t available. The cloud can, for instance, track—or estimate to a highly accurate degree—ink usage and have your next toner cartridge shipped so it arrives just in advance of needing it.