Getting the Most Out of Your Printer Drivers

Often, copier repairs in Las Vegas are completely avoidable. Technicians are frequently called out for what is not actually a hardware issue but a problem with firmware, a device driver or other software.

The Firmware

Firmware is software that is specific to your printer regardless of which platforms and devices with which it communicates. This is actually the software that controls the printer and dictates how it behaves. Although manufacturers will often package the firmware and driver together, they are distinct and must often be updated separately. Additionally, firmware must often be installed via a separate update tool. Note that updating your firmware as soon as an update is available is important because these updates often close security vulnerabilities that cannot be closed via the driver.

The Driver

The device driver—or specifically in this case the printer driver—is platform-specific rather than hardware-specific. If you have a Windows 10 workstation, then you would have a Windows 10 printer driver installed. It facilitates communication between the operating system and the printer via the firmware. An updated driver is essential to ensure that all printer capabilities are exposed and that the machine is operating optimally in terms of productivity and efficiency.

Brand and Model Matters

While platforms like Windows will often be able to use generic device drivers, this should be avoided. Locate the most recently released driver for your specific machine. This will often be available on the manufacturer website, and the download will often be OS version/edition specific.

Optimize and Maintain the Configuration

Your printer driver has settings that should be optimized for your usage environment. If the configuration is optimized, it can lead to inefficiencies and even problems that result in copier repair calls. When updating the firmware and driver, not manufacturer warnings about the potential for wiped settings. There is often an option to back them up so that they can be restored later.