The Benefits of Using Long-Lasting Ink

Your printer ink might just be the most expensive liquid other than gas that you have to buy on the regular. In addition to the amount of ink you use within print jobs, your printer is also, unbeknownst to you, using much of the ink to perform regular maintenance tasks. You can see how using traditional ink is simply not the best route to take. This is why so many are now turning to long-lasting ink as well as the printers that carry it. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using long-lasting ink for your school or work projects.

The Myths of Long-Lasting Ink

One of the most common misconceptions out there regarding long-lasting ink is that using this type of style can actually produce a lower quality printout. The reality is that because it doesn’t use traditional ink that is often made up of cheap ingredients, it actually provides you with a much brighter, more high-quality printout.

Better Printer Maintenance

If you’ve been using an older printer, then you understand just how much maintenance it takes to keep it running, both on your end and on the printer’s end. As stated above, traditional printers usually eat up most of the ink simply conducting maintenance. Much of this takes place as you turn on the printer. Today’s printers that use long-lasting ink are able to take less of it than ever before, thus saving you time and money. However, if you do run into an issue, you can rest assured that managed print services in Las Vegas can aid you with small to large problems involving your printer and ink.

Smart Technology

Perhaps the most common cause for eating up ink is not in the printer itself but in the changing of the cartridge. Most older and traditional models won’t tell you that the ink cartridge has ended, and thus it is up to the individual to determine that. However, many of the long-lasting ink products on the market today include smart technology that allows it to inform you via your computer or printer that the cartridge is either empty or near empty.