printing services las vegasEssential Information for Bulk Mailing Printing Services in Las Vegas

Whether you’re starting a new business or you’ve been serving customers for years, bulk mailing services are an essential marketing service that you need to get more customers. These can help with reaching new people and maintaining relationships with existing customers. If you’re looking for printing services in Las Vegas to help with your bulk mailing needs, then this will give you all the info you need before starting the project.

Do You Need Printing Services in Las Vegas?

The first thing you might be wondering is if you really need printing services in Las Vegas, or can you do this on your own? Though the quality likely won’t be as good, you can print your own brochures, postcards and letters easily enough. This might even cost a bit less, but that depends on how expensive your in-house printing is.

The major problem is getting the mailing discount. Professional printing services are already equipped for bulking mailings with postage included. When done correctly, you will get a significant discount on postage. That’s only if you follow the post office’s rules. That includes having the mailings ready for presorting, having all the right permits and sending them to the post office correctly. A professional service already knows how to do this.

Unless your office is already equipped with the necessary machines and you have the permits, it makes more financial sense to use a professional service.

Use the Right Format

Bulk mailings come in several different formats. In general, there are postcards, brochures and flyers, catalogs and letters. Letters tend to be good for formal messages, but the truth is that many people throw them away without opening the envelope.

If you’re looking to get more customers or entice existing ones, then the other formats might be better. Postcards are short and to the point. This makes them ideal for showing off a new sale or service. Catalogs are much larger and let people see all your items and services. Brochures and flyers are in the middle. They allow you to show off sales while letting people peruse your items.

Consider what you want to communicate to your customer and you should be able to determine the right format. You should also consider your budget. The larger the printed piece, the more it costs to both print and mail.

Include a Call to Action

It might seem obvious to many business owners, but your bulk mailings should always have a call to action. You want people to react to your mailing by coming to you and purchasing goods or services. While there are different philosophies on how hard you should push your customers, the truth is that you want to directly tell them to buy from you.

The easiest way to do this is to add a coupon to your mailer. People love saving money and will often act on this impulse. You can also require people to bring the coupon from the mailer. This will help you determine how much revenue the mailers are generating.

Target Different Demographics

You can often target different demographics by making small changes to your printing order, and good printing services in Las Vegas can make this even easier. For example, you can use one base design for every postcard or brochure coupled with slightly different messages for each client.

For example, you can make different messages for clients based on age, whether they are a new or existing client, gender, buying patterns and more. Small changes to the message will make it more personalized while also allowing you to target different demographics with one printing order.

This is much more effective than having one standard message for everyone. A printing service can help you quickly and effectively produce printing orders that fulfill all your needs.

Have a Minimum Quantity to Request From Printing Services in Las Vegas

Along with properly sorting and printing the bulk mailings, you also need to have a minimum quantity of items to get the mailing discount. Larger businesses will likely bypass this minimum without even thinking about it, but smaller or newer businesses might need to be mindful of the minimum quantity.

You will need to print 200 to 500 mailers in order to get the discount. This depends on the mailing method. If you are doing marketing mail or Ever Door Direct Mail, or EDDM, then you need at least 200 mailers. For sending via presorted mail or carrier route mail, you need at least 300 items. Using first-class mail requires at least 500 items.

Make sure you keep this in mind before making your order. You want to spend the least amount of money while getting the biggest return.

Only Follow Up With Viable Leads

If this is your first time making a bulk mailing order, then you might be tempted to send the postcard or flyer to everyone you can think of. While you want to spread the word, you want to make sure that you only spread it to viable leads. If someone isn’t in your service area or isn’t your demographic, then you effectively wasted time and money on their mailer.

This is why it’s important to ensure your mailers are targeted. If you have a list of leads, such as current customers or ones you know are interested in your business, then those are great people to send your mailers to. If you don’t have a list, then consider send to everyone in a specific area. This is especially important if your business is geographically based and only people within a certain radius will visit you.

This becomes less of an issue if you’re an online business. In that case, someone from another state or country can access your website. Just make sure that you can actually serve them, or the mailer was a waste.

Make the Design Interesting

People get lots of mail, but most of it isn’t opened or looked at. The only way you can give your mailer a fighting chance is to make it interesting. The design should grab them so that they are intrigued and want to look at the contents. There are many design templates that can do this, or you can hire a graphic designer to help.