Paper Jam caused fire

Onvery rare occasion, paper jams cause fire.

It happens to all of us: paper jams.  When you patiently await your print-out only to find an accordion 8×11 wedged between the innards of your office printer.

It is extremely common for printers to experience paper jams. Before calling for repair, there are a couple of things you can do to fix the paper jam yourself.

Fix Paper Jam Fast

First, make sure you’ve put the proper size paper into its corresponding tray. Copy machines have sensors that will disable print jobs if the wrong size of printer paper is detected.

Second, avoid using thick card stock , and stick with standard xerox copy printer paper. Similarly, those sensors may disable the print job if does not recognize the type of printer paper inserted in its tray.

Third, locate where the jam occurred. Check the paper tray. Check the rollers. The rollers are the part of the machine that grip the paper and funnel it through the machine. Roller malfunction is extremely common. You can loosen stiff or stuck rollers with WD 40.

Fourth, try making a copy. This sometimes pushes through jammed print-outs. Remove all bits of paper that may have been shredded or torn during the jam that you can safely reach.

Time to Call for Copy Machine Repair

If that doesn’t work, try pulling the paper through carefully. Jerky motion can damage the roller and ink cartridge, and lodge the paper jam deeper into the machine. IF that happens, it’s time to call a repair man. At this point, you’ll risk breaking down the copy machine altogether, and damage your clothes from the ink or burn yourself on overheating parts.