Managed print services don’t just ensure that copiers work and ample paper is on hand. Used correctly, these services make printing and copying more efficient and cost-effective.

How Organizations Lower Costs with Managed Print Services

The managed print services in Las Vegas that are provided to many businesses and other organizations don’t exist solely for copier maintenance. Printing is an essential process in many organizations, and the goal of a managed service is to understand and manipulate this process in order to reduce costs and help employees be more productive.

Assessing Your Printing Infrastructure

One of the first steps a managed print service will perform is an assessment of the print infrastructure that the organization has in place. Infrastructure refers to the entire print system and can be distributed or locally contained. In some cases, this infrastructure consists of a single multifunction business machine in an office with six people, and in other cases, it involves multiple copier stations, numerous workstations and a support staff responsible for keeping it operating.

Implementing a Plan to Manage Costs

Using that assessment, the managed service can then make projections about usage and maintenance and then implement a plan to minimize expenses. Once the plan is in place, the service monitors the process, manages it and continues to optimize it through ongoing refinements. The service can even take over management on a day-to-day basis, which can eliminate the need for in-house support.

Expanding Access and Functionality

Managed services help increase productivity by adding features, eliminating redundancies and doing more with the available budget. This can include proactively preventing potential print problems and ensuring that the necessary supplies are on hand without being wasteful or knee deep in overstock. Additionally, these services can ensure that employees have remote, secure access off-site to the full range of print and copier functionality that they have in their own offices.