The cost of a copier repair can add up quickly particularly when you factor in downtime, but there are ways that businesses can avoid repairs and minimize costs when they do occur.

Minimizing Downtime and Expenses Associated with Copier Repair

Copier repair in Las Vegas can get expensive. Costs to consider include the service rate, replacement parts and downtime. Downtime can reduce employee productivity and even lead to a direct loss of profits. Many businesses pay more than they should, and there are steps that a business can take to lessen these costs and avoid interruption.

Employee Training

Many copier problems in an office environment occur due to user error, and one of the big mistakes small businesses often make is not providing adequate training. Companies that specialize in business machines often provide inexpensive training courses that take an hour or so and give your employees the skills they need to use the equipment properly.

Assign a Copier Manager

Any big problems that occur due to user error will usually involve the improper loading of a toner cartridge or the improper feeding of paper. This is not a task you want just anyone performing, but that’s how many offices handle the responsibility. The better way is to have an office manager or secretary responsible for these tasks. That person should inspect the copier each morning and at the end of the day as well.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Some offices will seek to limit copier costs by avoiding maintenance and just paying when there is a problem, but this approach often leads to higher costs in the end. There are inexpensive plans available through many copier services. A technician will come on a recurring basis, get to know your machine and often be able to identify big problems before they manifest.

Consider Managed Services

Managed print services are a great way for many businesses to meet all of their copier needs without any of the hassle. In this scenario, the managing company is responsible for any maintenance and repairs, and the company can even provide a replacement copier if there were to be significant downtime.