What to Know About Copier Repair & Refillable Inks and Toners

If you’re working in an office, thinking about the type of printer you’re going to use is not often a concern. However, all that changes once you decide you want a home office or are looking into opening up your own business. Issues such as copier repair, quality of printing jobs, and often the most important, the cost of running run into your mind. Fortunately, you will usually come down to two choices, refillable inks, and toners. To make your choice that much easier, the following includes a few of the pros and cons of both refillable inks and toners.

Copier Repair Issues and General Maintenance: Pros and Cons

Understandably, you’re going to want to purchase a printer that is going to provide you with the least amount of hassle. Copier repair issues and general maintenance are a reality for both refillable inks and toners, but which one offers the better deal? Let’s begin with toners. Toners are powder-based and usually used by laser printers. They heat up the powder and apply it to your page. In terms of maintenance, changing one out is relatively easy to do. In fact, the manufacturer of your ink will usually ship it to you in a box along with clear instructions on how to install a new cartridge. In most cases, a simple push is all it takes to change one out. Refillable ink cartridges, on the other hand, take a little longer to change. Not only do you need to make sure you’re choosing the right ink, but you may need someone who doesn’t have shaky hands in order to pour it in properly and reinstall it properly without risking the need for additional copier repair.

The Cost of Both Refillable Inks or Toners

If you’re already on a shoe-string budget, opting in for laser printers that use toner may not be the best move. This is because one of the biggest cons to toners includes their replacement price. Although much more convenient, toners are not exactly the best for your pocketbook. In fact, some go out of their way to purchase used toner cartridges in order to make sense of using a laser printer. In this case, the cost is a pro for refillable inks and makes much more sense for someone not willing to pay the price of convenience.

Quality of Paper

So, why do people keep using toners compared to refillable ink? It really comes down to the quality that laser ink printers provide to business owners and professionals across the world. Perhaps their biggest advantage is in the quality that is produced by this newer technology. The use of laser technology allows the ink to have pinpoint precision when it’s being applied to the paper, thus producing higher quality results. Therefore, if you’re a small business needing to make a good impression on clients, you may want to opt-in for toners as they are going to make your work look that much better. This, of course, does come at a higher initial cost. In terms of the pros of going with ink cartridges, they are known to smudge a lot less because, unlike toners, the ink does not have a plastic compound that needs to set.

Speed of Printing

Another pro of using toners is that you’re going to notice a much faster printing experience. Because of the nature of toner ink and the technology of laser printers, this means that you’re going to see that printers using toners will always beat the conventional refillable ink printers. One of the reasons why refillable ink cartridge printers are slower is because of the need to spray the ink carefully on the paper. In many cases, this process can lead to clogging (usually when it has not been used in a while), and a broken printer may be the result. In this case, contacting a copy machine repair Las Vegas company may be your best bet. So, who should purchase toners? Anyone who needs printing fast, such as an office or college student. However, if you’re not the type to need prints quickly, there is no reason to avoid going with refillable ink cartridges.

Avoiding Copier Repair: How Long Do They Each Last?

How long each option lasts is a very important factor for many people when it comes to choosing one or the other. A huge con for refillable ink cartridges is that they simply do not last too long. Because ink cartridges are usually very small, you are going to find yourself looking to refill them quite often. Someone who is printing a lot may see this as too much of a disadvantage to justify going this route. On the other hand, Toners are much larger in size and thus able to hold a lot more ink within them. This, of course, leads us back to the issue of toners being a lot more costly to purchase as they do contain more ink. Whichever option you choose, copier repair can still be a factor in long-term costs.