Toshiba copier problems

For small businesses like law practices, medical offices and car dealerships, it’s critical to keep a watchful eye on the bottom line. Sometimes that means finding the best deals possible on essential office equipment like copy machines, which usually leads them to purchase refurbished goods.

Typically, it’s a smart move. But as some unhappy businesspeople have found, buying refurbished Toshiba copy machines for the seemingly reasonable price of $1,000 – regardless of whether they print in color or black-and-white – has resulted in more headaches than savings.

The numerous problems that businesses are experiencing with these Toshiba copiers has kept those in the copy repair business quite busy these days. The chief reason for the spike in service calls is that Toshiba provides no support to those who have purchased these refurbished copiers, and that has left many businesses looking for a lifeline so they may continue to have the use of their copier, an essential tool for their operations.


What steps are involved in refurbishing a copy machine?

20150120_090919-1The owners at Sunrise spend their free time refurbishing machines themselves.  The process usually involves a rigorous quality check that includes a full inspection and an evaluation for possible performance problems.  Both the interior and the exterior of the copiers must be cleaned, and following a thorough inspection of everything from rollers and bearings to drums and belts, technicians replace any parts that are no longer working properly. From there, the features and functions of the machine are tested to make sure it is performing as it should. We believe no machine should be put up for sale until all issues are addressed and the machine passes inspection.


Comparing costs of buying new versus used

A quick search for prices on refurbished copy machines clearly demonstrates why so many of these un-furbished Toshiba copiers have found their way into so many offices. Simply put, the $1,000 asking price for the reconditioned models is a fair amount less than what someone might pay if they purchased a used machine from another vendor. For example, a basic refurbished Toshiba e-Studio 230 or 280 sells for $1,395 at, and that’s for a machine that produces back and white copies only. Compare this cost to the $1,000 deals offered through Toshiba on either color or black-and-white machines, not to mention the minimum $2,599 price tag on a brand new Toshiba e-Studio 477 SL black and white copy machine, and you can see why Toshiba’s reconditioned copiers are a popular choice for those looking to keep costs down.


Buying used is still a smart way to go


Luckily, the issues that have continuously plagued those who purchased the refurbished Toshiba copiers are rare. In most cases buying a used machine can save a business as much as 85 percent, according to an articles posted at professional networking sites including, and those kinds of savings mean a lot to a small or medium-sized business, especially in this economy.

If you are confident about the manufacturer that is offering refurbished copiers for sale, then most likely, you will be bale to buy a used machine that can provide your business with all the functionality for a fantastic value.