Home Offices And The Copier Repair Conundrum

Copier repairs in Las Vegas aren’t just limited to corporations and other large organizations. Home-based offices represent a significant portion of the business world, and that count will only grow as employment becomes more distributed and remote. Like any other office, home offices require copiers and other business machines. Those machines have to be maintained, and when they falter or fail, they have to be repaired or replaced.

Less to Replace Than Repair

The manufacturers who make copiers for home use often strive to keep consumers’ costs as low as possible. In many cases, there’s practically no profit margin on the equipment itself. These companies do this because of the expected profit on toner long-term. The conundrum created by this is that a home office copier can often be replaced for less than it costs to repair.

On-Site vs. Off-Site Repair

When sustainability is a focus, many will choose repair even though it costs more. Unfortunately, the repair that’s immediate and on-site is often the most expensive kind. Shipping for repair can be more cost-effective, but unless a replacement can be sent right away, that often means being without essential equipment for a time.

Recycling Old Equipment

When replacement is the more economical option, it’s hard to hold that decision against the individual. Nevertheless, businesses no matter how small can take steps to limit their carbon footprints. In this scenario, the person with the home office should ensure that the old copier is disposed of in a manner in which it can be recycled or reused.

Managed Print Services

Anyone with a home office may also want to consider managed print. MPS isn’t just the domain of large companies anymore. Entire networks of small and home offices are coming together to share overhead, and this participation can allow a home office to be more sustainable even while lowering costs. In this scenario, repairing can often be the more practical choice.