Managed print services include the resources to make access to organizations’ sensitive information more secure.

Achieving Optimal Security With Managed Print Services

The kind of managed print services in Las Vegas companies have access to can lower cost per page significantly. MPS can also provide greater access to important information, and there are steps companies should take to ensure that MPS enhances the security mechanisms that are already in place.

Control Physical Access to Your Printers

The security breaches modern businesses contend with tend to be more basic than high-tech. The greatest concern when it comes to having multiple multi-function business machines is ensuring that documents don’t wind up in the wrong hands. Have a system in place where sensitive documents can’t be printed to stations with open access, and for stations with restricted access, have an employee who’s responsible for checking printed documents out to the rightful owners.

Make User Privileges Consistent Across Resources

Managed printers will often have access to document storage, the internet, email, apps and so forth. Access to your network is account-based. For instance, a person operating with a basic vendor account may not have access to your content management system. Therefore, that type of user control should be consistent on the printers as well. If you have open printers, restrict the device’s access instead.

Firewalls Should Extend to Managed Printers

Managed printers are often network endpoints, and as with all network endpoints, they provide the potential for network compromises. So-called “printer hacks” are usually fairly benign, but it’s best to prepare for the worst possible scenario. One way to do this is to ensure that all firewalls and similar security mechanisms account for managed printers as well.

Rely on Your Channel Partner

Your managed print service provider is your channel partner. Keep them in the loop and discuss with them the various resources that they may have available. Managed print service providers are often current with the latest security threats to printers in a way that your other vendors may not be. They can provide patches, firmware, software and even equipment that can help.