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Choosing Between Gum or Self-Seal Envelopes

You may notice that there are generally two types of envelopes you can choose from: gum or self-seal envelopes. While they both come in similar sizes and are simple to use, there are some major differences between them that you should consider. This will cover what each envelope is before directly comparing them against each other.

Self-Seal Envelopes

Self-seal envelopes, also known as peel-and-stick envelopes, are the newer of the two. These envelopes are much more convenient because you only have to remove the thin label covering the adhesive. Just remove the label and then push the envelope closed. This forms a strong bond that will hold the envelope together until it reaches the recipient. These tend to be quite popular for custom envelopes. You should also be able to use these with your printer, but if you’re unsure, then you can always ask when gettingĀ printer services in Las Vegas.

Envelope Gum

Also known as traditional envelopes, these are the most common types of envelopes. These are the envelopes that you have to lick to activate the adhesive. Simply lick the entire adhesive strip and then push it down to form the bond. While this can be inconvenient since few people enjoy licking envelopes, they do have some advantages.

The Best Envelope

Each envelope has its own advantages. Self-seal ones are much more convenient when preparing envelopes by hand. There’s nothing easier than just removing the strip and sealing the envelope. These are the more expensive of the two, but their price has come down and they are quite affordable for most businesses.

While few people like licking envelopes, gum envelopes also have their advantages. These are the least expensive of the two, which is good if you’re watching your budget. They also tend to run better through bulk mailing machines. While this depends on the machine, most have a harder time with the strip on peel-and-stick envelopes.