In this age of technology, it’s all about making sure you’re efficiently using the time you have. So, when it’s time to look at the printer versus the copy machine, it’s a little challenging to figure out which one is the better choice.

To Print or To Copy? That is the Question

Out of all the office equipment options available, two of the most popular machines are the printer and the copier. Both are equally helpful and have their place in an office building. However, it’s important to take a closer look at which machine is more useful for certain tasks and whether you need both machines in the workplace. Perhaps there is one machine that can efficiently do the tasks of both.


The printer is helpful for creating copies because it can print multiple copies of a document. However, a printer uses a lot of ink. If you’re only printing one sheet for use, a printer is the best route to go with. If you like to print a lot of work in color, a printer might be the better option. It’s important to remember that you’ve got to keep money aside for the paper and print cartridges. If you’re just printing copies for your personal use, a simple desk printer will suffice.

Copy Machine

If you’re in a large office space and you’re copying material for a lot of people, the copy machine will save you a lot of time. Copy machines are created to print off a lot of paper at a quick speed. One of the drawbacks involved with keeping a copy machine on hand is that most companies lease their machines. Leasing a copy machine is no inexpensive feat. The bill for a copier lease can easily run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars.


If the expense involved with leasing a copy machine is too much, consider enlisting the help of a copy machine service. This is a great way to still get your copies completed without the high rate of a lease. It’s also a great way to outsource one of the larger tasks your office personnel completes. The printer is still a great asset to keep on hand, but if you’re outsourcing a large portion of the work, fewer people will need access to a standard printer.