Signs Your Printer Isn’t Getting a Signal From Your Computer

Wireless connections make it easy for you to send a document from your computer to a nearby printer. When you have connection problems, though, you’ll notice that the printer doesn’t respond as fast as it did before or at all. If you think you have a connection problem, you can check around your office for some common signs that the printer isn’t getting a signal.

Not Listed

Before you can send a document off for printing, you will need to select the document that you want to use and click on the print option. This will bring up a list of all connected printers found in the vicinity. It’s helpful to name the printers in your office based on the location of each one. If the computer cannot find the printer and does not include it in this list, you won’t be able to print documents.

Slow Response Times

The amount of time it takes for a printer to make a copy of a document depends on any other documents already in the queue and the length of those documents. When you get there early in the morning, you can select a document, send it to the printer you want to use and see how long it takes. If the printer takes longer than a few minutes to queue up the document and even longer to print it, you should retain print services in Las Vegas and find out if the printer needs to be repaired.

Repairs Needed

Whenever you make changes to the network used by your office computers, you risk causing connection issues. Those changes can prevent the printer or the computer from identifying each other and even shut down your network completely. Though you might think that you can figure out the network problem on your own, you should contact experts to ensure your printer does not need a major repair or upgrade.