Signs That You Should Hire a Copier Repair Service Company

When the copier in your office stops working properly, the entire workflow of the office can screech to a halt. With most copiers, there will be warning signs that indicate that you should hire a repair service company now instead of waiting until the problems multiply. There are many signs that point towards a copier failing, each of which you should look out for when using the machine. Once you have noticed one or more of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact a company that can provide services for copier repair in Las Vegas.

Call for Service Indicator

When a copier stops working as it should, one of the more noticeable signs that it should be repaired by a copier repair company is if there is a “call for service” indicator displayed on the small LCD screen of the device. This is among the easiest signs to identify and usually points towards the possibility of an imminent failure with the machine. While some copier issues can be corrected without the assistance of a repair company, it’s also possible that you can make the problem worse, which will only serve to cost you more money in the end.

Print and Copy Issues

The pages you print or copy can tell you that something is wrong in a variety of ways, although you will have to be looking for these issues to see them. If the pages that are produced from your copier consist of streaks or lengthy black lines across the page, this is a sign that some major repair work could be necessary. If you copy a document and the page comes out blank, this is another common sign that something needs to be repaired. Make sure that there are no letters or symbols missing from the pages as well.

Lengthy Wait Times

Office copiers will usually take 1-2 minutes to boot up and allow you to start copying or printing documents. If you are waiting for upwards of five minutes as of late, this could indicate that the device is on its last legs.