A copy machine can help keep your office running. Following some simple tips, like setting your copier’s default settings, can ensure maximum efficiency while lowering operating costs.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Office Copier

Whether it’s copying reports, invoices or correspondence, your copier will only give you reliable performance if it is taken care of properly. Of course, when you treat your copier right, you’ll also be able to avoid many service calls for copier repair Las Vegas. Similarly, with a few simple tips, it’s possible to get reliable performance as well as improved office efficiency.

Check the Settings on Your Copier for Better Efficiency

When you want to reduce copy costs, it’s important to keep in mind that not everything needs to be printed with the same quality. Sure, there will be times when you’ll want the highest quality printing possible; such as when you’re making final copies of an important presentation. However, there will certainly be times when a little lower quality will suffice, such as when copying reports or drafts. These can generally be printed in grayscale, which can significantly cut your toner costs.

Never Put Papers Through the Document Feeder with Paper Clips or Staples

The document feeder can be extremely useful when you have a stack of papers that need to be copied; however, it’s important to make sure that there are no paper clips or staples in your stack of documents. If any papers have staples or paperclips, these can damage the rollers as well as well as the glass. This means your copier could be out of service until a repair technician is able to come and fix it.

Set the Defaults on Your Copier for Maximum Efficiency

When you set the default settings on your copier, you’ll be able to save time each time you use the copier. For example, you can add email addresses for employees who typically take care of copying. You can also set default printing to two-sided or only black in order to speed up copying time while saving money on paper. Your office copier is a big investment, make sure that you’re getting the best service from your machine.