How Print Management Software Is Improving the User Experience

Managed print services or MPS have done much more than just reduce the number of copier repairs Las Vegas businesses require. Although that has been an important improvement, these services have reduced costs and expanded options across the board, and leading-edge print management software, or PMS, has played a big role in that evolution.

Mobile Printing

Perhaps the greatest advancement that these software solutions have provided is the ability to print and otherwise access documents from almost anywhere. Employees are no longer tethered to their offices when print services are required. Mobile printing technologies allows users to print documents from wherever they have a mobile device and access to the Internet.

Remote and Automated Deployment

An integral reason why mobile printing is this accessible is due to the automated and remote deployment options. These services require mobile apps. There are options for Android, iOS, Windows and more. Any software modules that are required can be downloaded to mobile devices on an as-needed basis, and if deployment must be overseen and pushed then the IT professionals responsible for that can perform those operations remotely.

Intelligent Resource Allocation

One of the challenges of any distributed solution is resource allocation. Perhaps the greatest advancements made in PMS recently have been in this domain. Users can be appropriately paired with printers and other resources based on the context of their requests, and under load, systems can prioritize requests based on many different factors.

Secure Printing

Security has come a long way as well. Among the early challenges that came with mobile printing was security. How do you secure all stations when these terminals can be practically any device located almost anywhere in the world? A shift toward user-oriented security as well as advancements in software technologies lets nearly any device become a secure release station even if it lacks a screen.