How to Choose and Use an Environmentally Friendly Printer

Like appliances, eco-friendly printers can earn an Energy Star rating. To get this special designation, an environmentally friendly printer must pass several strict energy efficiency guidelines. Select a printer that has earned this seal.

Compare per-page print costs and choose the least expensive. This means less use of toner and fewer empty plastic cartridges, as well as some nice savings for you.

Centralize and Manage Your Print Service

It is better to use one central printer for several reasons. By using printer heads more often, toner cartridges won’t dry out. Selecting a green printer also means it will use individual color toner cartridges. This way, when one color is running low, you only need to replace that specific one instead of discarding all the ink.

Taking advantage of managed print services in Las Vegas will ensure that technicians are regularly cleaning and servicing your printer so it runs at peak efficiency and toner cartridges don’t run out. They will also make sure toner cartridges get recycled.

Select Environmentally Friendly Printer Settings

Within the office, use the ‘draft’ setting to use less ink. Use regular print settings for pieces that will be seen outside the company. If you don’t need color, select the “black ink only” option. Allow the printer to print double-sided as often as possible.

Preview your document before printing and adjust it if there is an extra page with just a line or two. Use typefaces with thinner letters to reduce the amount of ink and toner needed to print them. Cambria and Calibri are two popular, easy to read options.

Pick Perfect Paper

Use paper with a high percentage of recycled content. Flip paper over and use the other side for draft printing if confidentiality is not an issue. Cut up paper to use as scrap paper for short notes. Keep recycle bins handy for used paper.

Practicing green printing can be a regular habit with the selection of an efficient printer and some eco-friendly office practices. When a hard copy is necessary, these efforts will mean it leaves a smaller footprint on the planet.