Not all Las Vegas businesses require massive, multifunctional printers and copiers. Determining which unit is right for you can help reduce a variety of costs from equipment purchases to paper and toner.

How to Choose the Best Copier for Your Business

Finding the best copier or printer for your business can be greatly beneficial when it comes to finances and expenses. While something smaller may be helpful, perhaps a larger unit that has elaborate features that could optimize the functions of the company. On the other hand, you don’t want to spend money for functions you’re not necessarily going to use. For instance, mobile printing is useless unless your staff can print from their smartphones or tablets.

How Much Printing Does the Business Produce?

Not all businesses in Las Vegas are going to consume the same amount of paper. Some businesses rely on printing for contracts and client documents while others may use a printer once or twice per week for flyers or memos. Knowing how much paper your business goes through can help you determine if you need a larger unit that is ideal for toner usage and paper-tray capacity. As these units can cost a great deal more than a smaller printer, it may be an expense you don’t necessarily need.

What Kind of Features Does Your Business Require?

Copiers and printers can come with a wide scope of features thanks to 21st-century technology. Things like print-from-email, mobile compatibility, and high-resolution rates can be seen as an indulgence for a company that doesn’t need such extravagance. However, these features may be able to help you maximize the efficiency of the business. As long as your staff is capable of optimizing the use of a grand copier that does everything, the expense may be worth the investment by increasing operational efficiency.

Are You Planning on Buying the Copier Outright?

Extravagant copiers and printers can be quite expensive when you want to buy them outright. Costs include the equipment, maintenance, repairs and the costs of continuous use. This is why some businesses prefer managed print services in Las Vegas.

Printers and copiers are some of the most utilized pieces of equipment for many businesses. Take a moment and figure out what kinds of features and functions your company requires. It may save you from many of expenses over the long run.