Streaking is one of the most common causes of copier repair calls, and the problem can often be traced back to some rather basic issues or bad habits.

Why Your Copier Is Creating Streaks

One of the most common reasons copier repair in Las Vegas is required is streaking. Copier streaking can be light or dark and thick or wide, but in any case, it causes a distraction at the very least and makes the print unsuitable for distribution at the very worst. If streaking is a recurring problem, that issue can usually be traced to one of four root causes.

Inadequate Cleaning

A dirty printer is the most common cause of streaking. Copiers collect dust and other contaminants that build up and can even form a sludge-like material. If the corona wire is caked with this sludge, for instance, then it will create the streak whenever it applies the charge to the paper. Having your copier cleaned professionally on a regular basis should avoid streaking due to dirtiness, but a basic cleaning by office staff once a week is also a good idea.

Toner Issues

If your copier isn’t dirty, then the most likely culprit is the toner cartridge. Always replace your cartridge when warned of low toner. That should avoid most issues. However, it’s possible that your cartridge became dirty faster than usual or has a manufacturing defect. Clean the cartridge and reinstall it. If that doesn’t work, then replace the cartridge with a new one.

Paper Quality

Another possible cause of streaking is paper quality. If the paper isn’t the correct size or type for the system, then it won’t charge correctly and will warp while moving thereby causing streaking. Even if your paper is the right type and size, it’s possible that there was a manufacturing error or that paper quality diminished due to excessive moisture or another issue.

Hardware Malfunction

If you’ve exhausted the three earlier possibilities, then the root cause likely is a hardware malfunction that will require the attention of a professional copier technician. If the drum unit is malfunctioning, for instance, that prevents the copier from transferring the image cleanly, and the result can look a lot like the streaking caused by a dirty toner cartridge.