How Long Can You Expect a Copier to Last?

A copier or multifunction printer is an essential business machine for the modern office. Businesses have a decision to make when it comes to leasing versus buying. Both paths have their advantages and disadvantages. As an owner, you’re responsible for maintenance and repairs, but the copier repairs in Las Vegas that businesses have available to them are sophisticated and affordable and can maximize life expectancy. But how long is that?

Duty Cycle

To understand printer lifespan, you need to appreciate the duty cycle, for which practically all commercial printers are rated. A duty cycle, for instance, may be 60,000 pages. Manufacturers will also post a recommended volume, which may be much less than the duty cycle. Generally, the higher the grade of the machine, the closer the duty cycle and recommended volume will be. If you want to maximize lifespan, then you want to be as close to the recommended volume as possible each month.

How Many Years?

This can vary from one brand and model to the next, and you can investigate historic performance for the specific brand and model that you are considering. As a general rule, mid-range models are expected to last five years and high-end models are expected to last 10. Be mindful that this is only viable at the recommended volume. At the duty cycle or higher, the moving parts will wear down much quicker.

Regular Maintenance

The biggest mistake small businesses make is waiting for a problem before scheduling maintenance. Regular maintenance is important to getting the most out of a printer, and experts generally recommend every six months or 300 hours of operation.

Proactive Repairs

Likewise, you generally don’t want to wait for a part to fail to replace it because that puts undue stress on other parts. Being proactive about replacing your machine can have a dramatic effect on how long it lasts.