Digital copy machines have an internal computer that monitors the system on a regular basis. If the copier has a problem, it will show certain codes or errors that can help the technician diagnose and repair the problem.

Three Common Error Codes Displayed on Your Digital Copy Machine

Digital copy machines are an essential part of modern offices because they provide printing and communication services with just one piece of equipment. On occasion, the copier may show error or problem codes that alert users to a problem or the need for prompt copy machine service. Understanding some of these errors can help office managers know when to call for technical assistance.

Low Toner

Low toner level is one of the most common problem codes that the copier will show. When the copy machine displays this error, it should still have a certain number of pages that it can print before all of the toner runs out. Most copy machines are designed to alert you when there is only about 10 percent of the toner left in the cartridge. This should give you enough time to order a new cartridge or have your service technician install a new one for you.

Paper Jam

In a busy office setting, a copy machine might show paper jam errors on a regular basis. Most paper jams can be cleared by following the instructions on the copier’s display. You will need to check the trays, rollers and feeds for any stuck, crinkled or torn sheets of paper. If you do not see a paper jam, there could be dust or toner covering the laser. This will need to be resolved by a service technician.

Drum Defect

Over time, the copy machine’s drum can get worn out. You might notice signs such as spots or lines on your printed pages as the drum begins to experience excess wear. The colors may be too light or too dark as the drum continues to be used. A service technician can replace the worn out drum. Most copy machines will also provide an error code so that you know to call for a repair service.