Are CPC and MPS Synonymous?

When it comes to printer services in Las Vegas, businesses can often choose between two approaches: cost per copy and managed print services. While they may seem similar, they are not the same print strategy, and companies should understand the differences in order to determine which approach is ideal for their particular needs.

Cost Per Copy

Cost per copy or CPC is a service agreement based on the number of copies you expect to print in a particular period, such as a month. So, if you expect to print 10,000 pages a month and want to pay $.002 per page, you can enter a contract with a provider to do just that. Contracts vary but can include equipment, maintenance, repairs and even supplies.

Managed Print Services

Managed print services or MPS generally encompasses all that CPC has to offer but expands into print management. Your provider helps you evaluate and reevaluate your entire fleet. It can help you analyze your volume. It can help you determine if equipment usage is efficient. It can even help you establish print rules so that your printing is more productive, cost-effective and secure.

MPS and CPC Are Superior to DIY

In practically all cases where significant printing is being conducted, both MPS and CPC will be superior to a do-it-yourself approach. You know what you have to print and what you want to pay, but it can be difficult to achieve an ideal level without the resources a print services provider brings to the table.

Choosing MPS or CPC

MPS is often the superior choice to CPC over the long-term, but it is not inherently so. There are many factors in play such as the size of your company, print volume, consistency of workload and so forth. Often, a consultation with a provider is the best way to determine your ideal strategies.