Paper jams are one of the most common problems that occur in office copy machines. Learn how to avoid these problems and how to troubleshoot them if the copier tells you that there is a paper jam somewhere within it.

Three Methods of Clearing a Paper Jam from the Copier

Copy machines are some of the most heavily used appliances in most office settings. People use them to send and receive faxes, make copies of handouts and documents and to print large jobs. Now and then, a paper jam can develop inside the copier, which causes it to stop working. These tips can help you to solve the problem, but you can always call an experienced copy machine service technician if you need further assistance.

Check the Error Code

The first step to troubleshooting a paper jam in the copy machine is to check the machine’s error code. Some copiers are specific enough that the error code tells you exactly where to look for the problem. This saves you time when clearing the paper jam from the machine.

Check the Trays

The most frequent problem associated with a paper jam error is improper seating of the paper in the loading trays. The copy machine’s paper must be neatly stacked with no ripples or bent edges. Folded corners and tears in the paper can also cause the machine to experience a paper jam error. Try removing the stack of paper and taking out any pieces that are damaged. Then you can reload the paper into the tray and try again.

Check the Feeders and Rollers

Dust, debris and shreds of paper dangling from the trays, feeders and rollers can all cause a paper jam error. A piece of paper could also be stuck somewhere within the feeding system. Double-check that the paper in the tray meets the copy machine’s requirements for size and thickness. Some copy machines will not work properly with papers that are too thick or thin. If the machine is still reporting a jam, it is best to call an authorized service technician for help.